Reclaiming Space: Community Gardens

WHAT WE DO MoRUS helps improve the East Village’s remaining 39 community gardens by arranging work days, remediating soil, clearing rubble, preparing earth for gardening, planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs, building and improving infrastructure such as sinks, stages, and gazebos, and composting food waste. We also hold workshops on topics such as soil treatments and…

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Reclaiming Space: Squats

During the 1970s housing crisis, activists, punks, hippies, street kids and other homeless individuals took over and reclaimed derelict buildings on the Lower East Side through mass homesteading and squatting movements. At the peak of these movements in the late 1980s, over 30 squats existed in the Lower East Side, providing homes for nearly a…

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Community and Culture

The People’s Museum Time Out calls MoRUS “The People’s Museum.” We are one of several museums located in the East Village/Lower East Side. According to the NYC Landmarks Commission report, which designated the L.E.S. a historic district, this neighborhood is synonymous with the American immigrant experience and has served as a nationally-recognized cultural center for…

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