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The People’s Museum

Time Out calls MoRUS “The People’s Museum.” We are one of several museums located in the East Village/Lower East Side. According to the NYC Landmarks Commission report, which designated the L.E.S. a historic district, this neighborhood is synonymous with the American immigrant experience and has served as a nationally-recognized cultural center for more than a century and a half. The blocks within the East Village contain a dense layering of historic and cultural significance—from its early history as a fashionable residential neighborhood, to its subsequent identities as the tenement districts and, during its more recent evolution, into the East Village of Bohemians and punks, Off-Broadway theaters and community activist groups. Other museums in the area focus on the earlier period. MoRUS is the only museum in the country focused on the radical social movements that created activist community culture, which remains alive today and attracts many to the neighborhood. Under the pressures of gentrification, however, it is being slowly eroded.

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